“Trap House Stalkin”

Leave it to perennial party-man 2 Chainz to turn a song about real-life horror – somebody lurking around a drug house – into a quasi-celebration. As a jittery trap beat shuffles around ominous piano notes, the rapper brags about drinking “Dom Pérignon by the pitcher” and deals barely-subtle sex metaphors about “riding in the trunk” before cutting to this harrowing chorus: “Come get your bitch, she outside my trap house stalkin’.” Featured rappers Young Dolph and motor-mouth maniac Cap 1 play it more soberly (save a sex rhyme or two), adding to the drama and making for a promising preview of 2 Chainz’s upcoming TRU Jack City mixtape.

From The Archives Issue 1227: January 29, 2015

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“Air” is filled with hypotheticals. As a relationship falls apart, Waxahatchee frontwoman Katie Crutchfield weighs the meaning of every action and the possibility within every choice, her careful articulation revealing not indecisiveness but empathy. When she draws out the line “You are patiently giving me everything I didn’t need,” you feel for both her and her soon-to-be ex.

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“Uma Thurman”

Fall Out Boy go hard on the pop culture kitsch appeal here — not just with the title, but with a surfy refrain nicked from the theme to The Munsters, that most goth of black-and-white TV comedies. It’s pretty great that the biggest rock band on the pop charts are such huge honkin’ dorks, and pretty amazing that they’re able to make something so catchy and even heroic sounding out of their dorkitude. 

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“Heartbeat Song”

Clarkson’s been out of the game for a minute: Her last album, 2013’s Wrapped in Red, was holiday music, and she recently had a baby, lil’ River Rose, whose in-utero heartbeat was sampled to provide part of the beat for this new single. But “Heartbeat Song” is hardly a warm, fuzzy snuggle-fest. “Been so long, I forgot how to turn it up, up, up, up all night,” she sings, riding an emo torpedo straight into the hook-up heart of Saturday night. Don’t forget to text the babysitter, Kel. It’s gonna be a 3 a.m. Uber home.

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“Get It”

Brooklyn duo Matt and Kim announced their first record since 2012 with this rollicking preview of things to come. The driving drum beats and jittery synths, the mind-numbing group chants  (“We all sing along/ But the notes are wrong”) and the abrupt, bass-heavy breakdown come together to provide an indie-pop soundtrack for almost any kind of debauchery.  

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“Shit (Remix)”

Label trouble, album delays and a high-profile public feud couldn’t keep Lil Wayne from rapping about the joys of freaky sex. He nods to his ongoing drama in the song’s first few bars but quickly gets carnal: “You might need lube for this,” he warns a partner. Given a few moments, one should be able to figure out which Latin anatomical term he rhymes those last three words with.

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“Ordinary Guy”

Two decades may have passed, but alternative-era firebrands the Juliana Hatfield Three sound just as wistful and slackerish as when they scored hits with “My Sister” and “Spin the Bottle” in the Nineties. The trio’s comeback single, “Ordinary Guy,” finds the singer-songwriter playing a chunky, upbeat guitar line while singing about what a creep her drug-addict boyfriend is. It’s short, catchy and perfectly dreamy in a way that’s nostalgic without sounding cloying, and it makes you wish 120 Minutes was still around to blow it up.

From The Archives Issue 1228: February 12, 2015

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